Strongman Saturdays
May 2013 04

Hard pressed for us to say we invented the Strongman Saturday training day. Getting a group around on the weekends to train and sweat together is a time tested tradition of strength training that has taken place since the amateur ranks popped up here in the U.S. [..]

Strongest Bootcamp in Lancaster!
Apr 2013 24

Here at Ironmill, we’d like to think we have the strongest bootcamp in Lancaster! Today, the ladies of our 10 AM bootcamp pulled a jeep, AFTER their hour long workout! [..]

Happy Smolov Day!
Apr 2013 20

For six weeks, every time Justin walks into the gym, I ask him what he’s working on. And every time he responds, with a smile, “squats.” Because of a nagging shoulder injury, Justin has undertaken an intense training program lovingly known as “Smolov.” [..]

Strongman Conditioning : Learn to Love the Pavement
Apr 2013 16

Here at Ironmill, we find that nothing makes people appreciate pavement like some good ol’ fashioned Strongman Conditioning. This is especially true of the prowler. [..]

Train When No One is Watching
Apr 2013 14

Today, while the boys were at football practice, I decided to have a little training session, all by my lonesome (well, minus Ranger). Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated to train, especially if you have to train alone. [..]

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